Monday, 12 August 2013

It's business time !

First, here is a song I like but with no connection whatsoever to this post apart from its name :

Don't try to find any link with anything below but I just posted it because I find it excellent and I do what I want.

Now, it IS business time because I'm back from Holiday and I can get back on the painting range to do my stuff. The room and the hobby area are tidy and everything is ready to spend some sweeet luvin' time with my little lead friends.

Having spent a small week in UK, I've been able to come back with some very good loot (no lead though, I'm afraid).
First I decided to get back to the basics and get my eyes on some Moorcock goodness. I have read some but in french and a long time ago. So this time I went for the english versions and I intend to read the whole "eternal champion" series before each model of the range.

Another VERY essential loot was something some of you will consider laughable but I baught 3l of Dettol. I've hard such a hard times getting my hands on some in France that when I arrived in England, I immediatley rushed to the nearest Sainsbury's to buy 4 bottles (couldn't find huge ones). As I'm writing these lines the liquid is already working its magic on some old Chaos Marines backpacks and RT Imperial guard arms and lasguns...
This morning, I gave a look at the jam pot in which I poured everything and I almost had tears seeing the 6 layers of shitty paintjobs peeling off the plastic. Now I want to dettol every plastic mini I have.

Another useful loot I've found (in France) is birch seeds. A fruit holds a truckload of seeds and therefore I have more than what I'll need. With the ground tea I found, this will help me build some very nice autumn bases for characters such as the eternal champions or any fantasy adventurer.

Now apart from that, I still have some Khorne champions to finish but this is heading the right way. The RT chaos marines should also receive the final touches needed with the proper varnish jobs before going all to the photo range I just built. 

I took the time to glue my WHFB buildings form the White Dwarf before buying balsa wood and starting to do some timber work.

 With all of this I also took some time to arrange and line up all the miniatures I've gathered for my confrontation/roleplay campaign. I've based most and I've divided them into groups, choosing a leader and a henchman for each team (following the conforntations rules)

So far I have :

- 1 team with a sensei leading a bunch of good lads (sort of robinhood of modern times)
- 1 team with a crazy arbites judge leading some nasty imperial guards and other tough guys
- 1 bounty hunter team
- 1 scavenger/mutants team
- 1 pirate team
- a bunch of imperial citizens with astropaths, techs,etc... to play some NPC's
- the start of a Bratt gang with necromunda van saar juves, they will represent inhabitants form the highest levels of the hive)
- a team of traders/merchants/prospectors
- plus a bunch of imperial toughnuts with an assassin, some inquisitors and cariatids...
- some eldar NPC's like a trader (female) and an exodite

 This project is far from its end but I already have some good story elements and some good teams with plenty of character. I'll present each team in its time with some background to have your opinion on them.

Now this post nears its end, I just wanted to show you a detail I had not seen before and though this is clearly no high level humour, I thought I had to show you what emerged of 10000 years in the eye of terror for some marines...


  1. Good stuff. The Warhammer buildings looks promising

    1. Thanks, the building is clearly not on my priority list though, I just work on it when I'm watching TV with my lady...
      I need to get serious on painting now...

  2. Some good holiday buys and a lot of bare lead there. I agree the buildings are off to a good start. Id love to see what your photo set up looks like if you care to share it. I throw something together spur of the moment every time and am looking to make something a little more permanent.

  3. Thanks, well I just need to get my hands on the lights which should be done in the WE, then I'll post something...

  4. Exciting! Can't wait to see some of those confrontation teams come to life.

    1. Yep, you have no idea how I want to see what's ahead for this one myself. I'd like to have enough to make another team of "good guys" and maybe more NPC's but I have some time.
      I alos have to find some people in the neighbourhood willing to play such a campaign. I hope the promise of a "just sit and play" will prove appealing to some...

  5. Hey Asslessman,

    The Flight of the Conchords to start off the post is so brilliant, I love this song and hey it's the married life and a man's gotta get some sleep or better yet, paint some figs! Yeah. I am very excited to see your Moorcock project come to life. As much as I love the Elric stories, it is Corum who is the guy for me. There are so many wonderful scenes in the Corum stories that just scream out for gaming! And as for your last pic, I think that ties in nicely with the "It's Business Time" song...

    1. Glad you like the FoTC too !
      I didn't remember much of my Moorcock but I have to say Corum really is a good one, I previously planned to paint them all at once but now I think I'll paint them along with each book. I'll then have to get my hands on their rules in the citadel journal.
      Concerning what you imply about the last marine, he seems, though he's a true khornate devote, to have kept some place for Slaanesh...

  6. Wow - a Frenchman who has discovered the wonders of Dettol - I have spent years looking for an equivalent in France without success (Glanzer has its uses but its not Dettol!). Its an essential purchase for me every time I return to UK (along with Cadbury's chocolate and picking up my eBay purchases I had delivered there since les facteurs francais don't feel obliged to deliver stuff to its rightful owner ;) )

    1. Well, I have to say I did try every equivalment until I understood it's the chloroxylenol which makes it work...
      We are not alone !

      And yeah , I absolutely understand you, every time I go to UK I come back with treasures or Gingerbread, fantasy books and of course good memories ;)


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