Saturday, 31 October 2020

Night Horror Vampyre

So with my fellow creepers, we've been talking about painting some Halloween related thing because Halloween. And my lazy self wondered what I could possibly paint until I realised one guy was waving his arms at me amongst the mess on the desk.
Now anytime I wonder what to paint for a specific occasion, there's almost always a Jes Goodwin model with the answer and that was the case once again.
This one is from the famous Night horrors range, famous for the number of cool models it contains and how atrocious it is to complete.
But I'm no collector so I actually don't care about such petty details and just found the model extremely cool.

Picture from Solegends

All it took was a friendly paint/chat invite from my friends to get this guy from a white undercoat state to a varnished/pigmented base state in under an hour.
I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with it even 5 minutes before holding it but I knew I wante dto do something else and hence went with a full washes/glazes approach to get a nice desaturated tone and work fast.
The very organic natue of the model also dictated most of my choices since it's hard to tell if he's actually wearing an ethereal skirt or whatever.
The sculpt itself is rather crude in some respect and reminded me a lot anout the warlock I painted a few years ago.

All in all this was a very pleasant process and result to have him done, I have no idea what role he's gonna play later in my games (he looks like he could be the ethereal form of my current vampire leader though)

It's been fun to work on some fantasy related subjects lately so I'll have a proper thought about what I want to do next on that front.

In the meantime I hope you folks all have a wonderful time painting and gaming or just enjoying what you can ! You can see the rest of our collective work in our Scale Creep Halloween special !



  1. This is immediately the definitive paint scheme for this guy. I really like the sepulchral and ethereal vibes he's rocking.

    1. Thanks ! It was a challenge to come up with something that worked on all parts but there was a simple answer ^^

  2. I just live the way you get those green tones in your greys.

    1. Thanks, it's all thanks to Charadon granite which seems to contain every colour made ^^'

  3. He looks creepy as hell which is just how the paint job should be.

    1. Thanks, creepy was definitely one of the aspects I was aiming for !


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