Thursday 10 July 2014

Collecting Rogue trader Chaos Renegades - part 2

 Alright people, a couple of posts ago ,you may remember I blatantely exposed my chaos renegades collection. Hawk eyes amongst you may have noticed the absence of the mounted renegades. Well, this was because I was still awaiting an important part which I got a few days later.

Picture from the Stuff of Legend

You can see 5 bodies and 2 pair of mounted legs on the photo, "piece of cake" I hear you say?
Nah, collecting is a sport I've not been very familiar with but this little collection and seeing great collectors like Steve Casey, Mutantdale or Axiom has taught me there's always more than meets the eye...

First of all, body 5 is an absolute nightmare to find. everyone who is looking to complete this set seems to have troubles getting this particular one.

But let's assume getting a particular referenced model is just a question of time (or money in some cases), I can see 2 pairs of legs on the catalogue picture. How many do you see in the photo below?

Yes, me too, that's 4 different pairs. Only thing is that 2 pairs are actually variants of the other 2 :

First pair on the left is the original and the other one on the right has had a pointy end added on the feet, some leather straps and a saddle part in the back.

 For these, a big square part has been added on th etip of the feet with leather straps too and a daemon faced saddle part has been added in the back as well.

So here we are with all parts at last !... oh but wait !... what's that pair of legs on the right ?

Well, that would be ANOTHER unereferenced pair of legs to build unmounted renegades from mounted bodies...

That's right, 3 unreferenced pieces just for the mounted renegades. The pair of unmounted legs is well known though. All of these could be classified as known knowns (if you don't get the explanation, have a look at HERE).
Now there seems to be a known unknown being a variant of one of the regular renegades but I will only limit this collection to known knowns.

Just to be accurate, the collectionis not entirely complete since I miss a heavy weapon and some terminator arms. I do have all the bodies though which was my main goal from the start.

I summed up the collection in a big board (I love big boards) :

I talked about the similarities between the power-armoured squats and some of the regular renegades, well,  though it may be a little far-fetched, I think it is intersting enough :

I can see very similar heads with the same tubes, a big belly each and very similar legs :

Here, I can see a quite similar pose, very similar helmets and shoulder padsthough the horns differ.

Here, the picture is biased becaus eof the repair job I had to do to fix the damage done eons ago (I think they must be my first rogue trader references). on these th efaces are almost identical with the exception of the horn on top of the helmet. The armour on both model displays this weird caracteristic texture.

oh and just fo rthe laugh, here ar ethe heavy weapon renegades sorted by variant types, I love how they look like the ZZZ tops playng guitar when put next to each other

Oh and just because amongst all of this I felt like having a little break but not too far from my grim dark future, I chose to try something on my Eldar Avatar :

It is still very much in progress but it has the vibe I'm aiming at :

The glazes give a shiny finish to the black parts which kills all the nuances but they actually more nuanced in real life. My fave part is the mane which really looks like on fire. I still don't know how I'm going to paint the decorations, I'm probably going to end with bone colours becaus eI have no imagination but a stone grey or something might also do the job.

Tonight, I'm going to finish the details on a handful of rogue trader adventurers and I hope to be able to show them by the WE, "14 Juillet" (or "Bastille day" as english speakers call it) may interfere though...


  1. Posts like this want me to start a collection (which I have neither the time nor money to do!).

    I look forward to the pictures of them all painted up! (Comments like this make me a hypocrite!)

    1. By all means, avoid any collection if you can, I don't know what idea crossed my mind to want all of them. Well, at first I wanted to be able to field as much models with dobles as I could bu then this little voice started to imply I should have evereything... that was the end.
      My real joy comes form owning painted models, not just models so hopefully things will go back on tracks, I've cooled down and managed to stay away from ebay and such so far.

      The picture of them all pianted up is my main goal in the coming year ;)

  2. I love seeing all the little quirks and links people have discovered within and between ranges. Really great post JB! Where's your god-specific heavy weapon renegades though?

    1. Thanks Jon, the god-specific reneagdes were presented last post, this time I just showed th evariant snext to each other because it looked fun.

  3. I always loved the heavy weapon chaos dudes, their weapons looked awesome.

    Look forward to seeing them painted up, when your collection is complete.

    1. The collection is complete, well I mean I won't turn the whole world upside down to get all the bits. All the modesl is a good start.It enbels me to star painting.a dozen models are already painted and the real business will start after the Oldhammer WE this summer.

  4. Interesting stuff, JB. Never noticed the squat/renegade similarities before. Like everyone else, I am keen to see some great paint jobs on these guys. Always found them quite time consuming; a lot of blending. Rewarding though! Don't keep us waiting too long!

    1. I don't know if th epiantjob will be a "great" one but they will all see some paint that's a promise !
      I'll repeat the same process as for th eothers with some variations for god-dedicated renegades. I'm aiming for a mass effect. I know I'm losing the opportunity to do fantastic blendings and epilectic colourful schemes but for once, I want to see a big army of chaos renegades all in black because let's face it black is the colour of evil and you don't get much more darker than black do you? ^^

    2. They will look good enough in black, judging by your heavy weapons guy. Just the right amount of highlight; not too over the top. Plus they wont take a lifetime to paint. I got put off after doing about five of mine because they were taking so long. As you said they'll look great en masse all in black. Totally badass!

  5. Congratulations on getting 'body 5, you are correct, it is difficult to find.
    I love the squat/Marine comparisons. I have noticed a lot of them, but not all.
    Great post :)

    1. I was hoping you'd appreciate this hunt for details Lee !

  6. I admire your passion JB, there's nothing like a "damn fool crusade" ( to quote Star Wars) to get the minis you want to complete a collection...just remember that "once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny" haha.
    Do you have the original horsies or are you doing something different?
    Nice work on the Avatar too, I look forward to seeing what you end up doing with it.

    1. Thanks Bruno ! I do have the original horses but they look rather small and poor. I'll convert them with some undes and mechanical parts to achieve a proper chaotoc look.
      Glad someone notived the avatar at the end, a genuine 2nd ed lover as yourself couldn't miss that one !

  7. They're just a bit before my time but I don't recall ever seeing the mounted Renegades painted, even online.
    I've never been much of an Elf fan, even the space variety (explaining how I've ended up with a fledgling Eldar army) but the Avatar is a real poster boy who can't be denied!


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