Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Celebration time ! (with give-away bits inside...)

After a week away from brushes and internet access, I've realised I had my 100th post to write !

I will use this very special post to celebrate 2 things :

1) I Reached 100 followers !

 First is the fact I've reached 100 followers. I am really glad about this because this is mainly the only figure I care about (that and comments I get). I know most views come from Google bots, Apple bots or whatever so these kind of figures don't mean much really. On another hand, the fact that people pressed the "follow" button because they wanted to see more after coming here is really meaningfull to me.
Since my (dare I say) friends Warlord Paul and Legio Custodes suggested (quite heavily) I should celebrate, there was no shying away from thanking you all. Hence the little event (see below)

1) I got liebstered (again...(twice))

The second thing is that during my little holidays in the french Riviera, I received not one but TWO liebster awards from Demi-Morgana and Legio Custodes (the very same)! I really thank them for this and I will use this post to answer their questions (I'm trying to limit the number of non-hobby posts).
 So let's move to the main subject

100th Follower Celebration Give-away :

I've been thinking about this one a lot and here is what I've come up with :

This whole hobby-blogging thing is about one thing to me : SHARING. I did not feel confident with asking people to promote my blog in order to gain fame and I did not want people to write non-hobby related posts just to give me personnal satisfaction.

Since I have very limited skills and budget, I thought about using what I have in unilimited quantity : Imagination.

The idea is very simple, you will find below a list of miniatures I've had for a while and which never got any attention and which will most probably never will ... UNLESS you decide otherwise !
Rules are simple, you just have to be a follower of this blog and then write a little comment mentionning whatever miniature from the lot you want and 2 words to your liking. It can be anything really; just consider you pick up a model as main base and you add 2 "flavours" to it, you can go really far with that and I expect some challenging flavours from you people.
I'll then make a list of entries and randomly generate a winner who will receive the converted, painted model (according to the 2 accompanying words).

To sum up :

1) You have to be a follower of this blog
2) Name the miniature you like and 2 words to give a special flavour to the model (anything from communism to banana, Higgs particle or whatever)
3) I'll randomly generate a winner from the entries
4) I'll convert and paint the model chosen by the victor ensuring the 2 "flavour" words are visible on the final result.
5) I'll send the result to the winner and we'll all be good to go nto more adventures !

Here are the models I propose as a base, just state the one you'd like or why not chose a random one !

Gary Morley elf wizard, Limited edition mordheim character Aenur , Limited edition White dwarf, blood bowl dwarf player

Marauder Slaanesh Daemonette, Marauder plaguebearer, imperial preacher, Space farer, Platic Ork Nob

2 Liebster awards in a week :

Now the 100 the follower celebration is launched, here are the questions (and answers) due with the awards.

Here are the 11 questions form Demi-Morgana :

1. Do you remember what was your very first model painted / purchased ?
If so - what was it and when? 
Easy one, my first model ever purchased was a blister of 3 tzeentch champions :
First one ever painted though was the Warmasters Ogre (I wanted to train before painting my lead). It was painted with Humbrol enamels (Like God Fraser) like all my models until 1995 wehen I bought the citadel paint set. 

2. What is the best brand of matt varnish you've used so far ?
Never found one that really pleased me but the one I'm using these days is the anti-shine Matt spray from Army Painter. I used to airbrush my varnish but frosting a whole Nurgle band got me to change my view on this...

3. Is there a strong hobbyists community where you live ?
Or are you miniatures-weirdo operating in the dark room connected by internet with other maniacts around the globe?
I unfortunately tend to be a connetced weirdo but the very nice commnity gathered around my excellent local hobby-shop has given me the will to get a little more social.

4. Do you share miniatures with your kids (if there are any) or is the hobby game for grown ups only ?

My daughter is 3 years old  and my boy is 4 months old now so any hobby related common activities are just fantasy for now. I do hope that I can share a bit of my world with them in the furture though.
My daughter seems to have a genuine interest in those "little men" though and I sometimes take her on my legs and ask her what colour she wants on some parts (expect some pink in future releases from here).

5. Do you think brushlicking is the mark of truly devoted painter ?

I just don't see how one can paint without brushlicking. Nothing shapes a brush after use like the tongue does, nothings is better to blend than saliva and nothing beats saliva when pushing green stuff with my rubber tools... Brush licking and saliva are the 2 best assets in my painting.

It is the mark of truly devoted painters.
6. What mediums and other additions do you use for painting ?

Good question. I tend to use matt medium a lot to blend or to create glazes. It really helps to get the right consistency while having far less pigments. A really useful tool I would miss a lot.
Second additive I use a lot is PVA glue. I really like to create my own GW washes by misxing a drop or two if inks with a drop of PVA and 8-10 drops of water. A wash if this mixture rapidly gives a lot of depth to any surface and it can make metals look fabulous.
Next thing I'm going to dry is windex or whatever it is called in France (I guess any glass-washing liquid can work).
7. Would you consider participating in miniatures exchange organized between bloggers ?

I would and I am. I'm actually painting a model for the oldhammer band challenge and the result of this should come soon enough !
8. Your opinion about GW rip-off models: all those not-space marines and others.
I'm always saddened to see that some people won't invest time and energy in original concepts because there's so much to explore in those alternative worlds of ours... that said, if people are happy to buy them...

9. Do you think Ukraine will survive the crisis thing or will is wall apart to small pieces within coming months ?

I have no idea at all but I do find fascinating to think we're in the midlle of something which could go radically opposite ways with possily tremendous consequences. 
That said the world just keeps on moving and hopefully we now have lolcats, tweets and other silly things to hide our heads in instead of sand.

10. Do you trust people who do not swear ?

I don't. People who don't swear go in 2 categories : liars or frustrated, there's no other choice.

11. Does your hobby gets any support from the family, or they just don't care? Or maybe your partner would prefer you spend the time doing something more productive ? 
 My hobby doesn't get any interest from my relatives but the very fact I'm able to spend some time on it means I'm supported in some way. Thi smeans I owe it to them to be able to spend so much egoist time really. 
Thank you dear; I love you even though you'd rather have me do something more productive ;)

OK, I hope I got them all right ! Here are the question from Legio Custodes : 

1. What year did you get into this fantastic hobby of ours ?
I discovered the hobby in 1989-1990 while looking at GW publications (in english) my cousins had. While I could only look at the miniatures and pictures, it had such an impact on me I started to draw  robots and dragons in my schoolbooks. I then got serious in 1991 when I bought my first miniatures and started painting.
2. What was your first model?
See Answer #1 above
3. Do you still have it? (If so post a picture)
 See Answer #1 above too ;)
4. Are you more of a gamer or a painter?
More a painter really, I've been pianting all my life (apart form that little period between 16 and 18 when girls where kind of taking all the place in my mind...
5. How do your family feel about your hobby?
See answer #11 above. Quite comprehensive I would say...
6. What's your favourite miniature?
Hard question... It has to be a Jes Goodwin model because I've been into this colelcting most of his work. I don't really know which model it would be but I'd simply say the Jes Goodwin chaos champions and warriors.
7. How much do you reckon you spent on your hobby each year?
You understand that I cannot write publicly anything that could be used against me, right? Let's just say I buy FAR MORE than I can actually paint...
8. How do you feel about modern GW?
Just like I feel about any other miniature range, some things I like, some things I don't, these days, there tends to be far more things I don't like though...
Prices have been discussed a lot and I find them sometimes laughable to say the least but if I want to paint a model, it's a good one for me. Simple as that. 
I have no hard feelings about GW and don't wish them anything else than to come up with good models with reasonable prices for me to buy their stuff.
9. What's your current project? 

- Finishing several bands for confrontation
- Working on my chaos renegades army for 40k
- Working on my chaos fantasy army
- Finishing my Kaleb Daark conversion some day...

10. Is your interaction with the Oldhammer community primarily online or are you lucky enough to have like mind friends you can share it with?
It is unfortunately a primarly online activity for the time being. That said, my coming to BOYL 2014 seems like a reality now so I hope to fix that in a memorable way !
There is also room for improvment (see answer #3 above)
11. Fantasy or Sci-Fi ?
Sorry but I just can't answer that really, for me it's like being asked if I prefer left boobs or right boobs, they're just the different sides of a same coin really.I love them both with all my heart. There have been times when I was more attracted on one but the other would always come back eventually.

It's like choosing between dragons and robots, an inhuman choice really.


  1. Gary Morley elf wizard; Eclipse, Crystalline

    1. Very intersting choice! It gives me plenty of ideas I wanted to try ! Even if this one is not selected it might very well be made anyway !

      Thanks !

  2. imperial preacher; happy; drunk

    1. You're in ! This one would would be a real funny one ;)

  3. deamonette, flamenco, mullett

    1. Oh my, you could not know but I have a sweet spot for mullets ! the flamenco pose would be brilliant for her !

  4. Challenge accepted !!

    Personnage spécial Aenur l'Elfe de Mordeim ; Samurai ; Irezumi

    Je suis bien curieux de voir ce que tu vas pouvoir faire avec ça si c'est moi qui gagne hin hin hin XD

    Et toutes mes félicitations pour ton 100e suivant et tes liebster awards qui sont amplement mérités !! ^^



    1. elfe, OK, samourai OK, IREZUMI !!! va falloir que je bosse mon dessin à main levée (aussi nommée freehand)

      Merci à toi pour ces belles paroles en tout cas Morikun !

    2. Bah ne t'en fais pas : je ne serai pas difficile : une Koï sur la cape devrait faire l'affaire XD

    3. Oh merci , trop gentil ! J'hésitais entre le traditinnel Dargon et une Koi, il semble donc que le choix soit fait. Même si ta proposition n'est pas retenu par le hasard, je pense que je tenterai quand même quelque chose dans ce goût avec Aenur... PLus qu'à me plonger dans mon Hokusai...

  5. imperial preacher; righteous; hypocracy

    1. OUch !, not an easy one but a very intersting challenge !


  6. Can you believe, this is the first blog I've actually become a follower of?! Needless to say, I was one of the anonymous non-bot viewers :)

    Anyway, I vote for Aneur. My words are: degenerate and sapphire

    1. I'm flattered, I think I was your first follower as well ! We're sort of BFFs (Best follower Foerever).

      I was expecting you to pick the elf, nice flavours !

      Thanks Jon.

    2. LOL BFFs! What an idea :)

  7. Replies
    1. Being an elf, I guess the last "flavour" should be too hard to give ;)

      Cheers Francis

  8. Congratulations Mr Asslessman! Worthy milestones for a worthy blogger.

    I pick the Morley Elf mage and my words are time-travelling gunslinger. Am I milking the two word limit? You bet!

    1. Thanks Buddy !

      Some very inspiring flavours, I won't make you the offense of counting words !

  9. Plaguebearer - Retro and Bright...

    1. I wonder how a plaguebearer with neon lights would look...

      Thanks ;)

  10. Imperial Preacher - Capuchin Punk :D

  11. Happy 100th!
    Plague Bearer: shortsighted taxman

    1. 'Cause I'm the taxmaaaaaan !

      Very good falvours too add, you're all giving me splendid ideas here !


  12. Happy 100 !!
    Here's mine:
    Imperial Preacher - Blanche - Mutant

    1. Thanks Diego, you're setting the standard high with Blanche (or will I trick and use the french meaning of Blanche...)

  13. I joined as a follower after lurking for a while...

    Aenur, Eldar, shifty

    1. Thanks, Aenur would make a perfect exodite wouldn't he?

  14. Imperial preacher, graveyard Eddie (from iron maiden).

    And congratulations on the followers and posts. I understand the commitment, and the trials, even if im not even close yet. I got to get a better camera, and more hobby posts soon though. But keep it up, really enjoy it!

    1. Aha, you did not have to precise "from Iron Maiden" with me mate !

      Thanks a lot (and I just joined back)

  15. Congratulations on 100!

    I just got here randomly, following a trail of Liebster awards, but now I'm hooked. My choice would be Plaguebearer, playful and British!

    1. Let's hope it's a profitable fluke for you !

      I really love your flavours, the plaguebearer rubbing is belly would be perfect for this !

  16. Hard choice really but how about this:
    White Dwarf: rabies, caries ^^

    - Demi -

  17. Do I have to understand you don't appreciate Warhammer monthly ? ^^

    Let's desecrate the white dwarf then !

    Thanks a lot.

  18. Replies
    1. Merci bien ! Même pas une petite participation ? ^^

  19. Good idea I may have to do the same if I EVER get 100 followers :D

    Anyway my choice: Imperial Preacher, Panache, Celebration


    1. You're back, this is definitely happening sooner rather than later ;)

      Panache and celebration heh? I never managed to keep panache while celebrating myslef but I'll try to find a solution if you get rolled !

  20. Congratulations on the 100 subs! Or, as we would say in Sweden: Grattis till de hundra prenumeranterna!

    First time commenting, I think. But I've been subscribing via feedly for awhile, since you started working on the knight with the enormous cock.

    In line with that I'll go with "shameful lurker" and a random mini :p


    1. Very nice ! Shameful lurker, huuum, Random min then? I like the sound of it !

      Thanks a lot

  21. Replies
    1. Aenur is quite popular form what I see ! In a Rotting and enraged version maybe?

      Thanks the One.

  22. Aenur: feculent, disease-ridden

  23. Congrats on hitting the milestone and gaining those plaudits!
    My choice would be the Slaanesh Daemonette: Bloodthirsty & Lobster

    1. Thanks a lot ! I think a good part of the Lobster flavour is already at display on this model, adding another dose with some bloodthisty intent should be fun !

  24. Hey, congratulations! :D Really glad to hear the numbers reward your constant work :)
    Hmm, just to get on the row I think I'd say... Daemonette, sea, naive

    1. Thanks Suber !
      Sea and naive? hum, I sense naughty intentions or romantism... we'll se how it turns out !

  25. J'ai l'impression que mon premier commentaire n'est pas passé, manquerait plus que je ne puisse pas te féliciter pour ton travail et ces 119 membres bien mérités.

    Et évidemment : démonette de Slaanesh, contrastes - aquarelle.

  26. Merci pour ces mots !
    Il va me falloir bosser mes lavis et glacis si je comprend bien ^^'

    1. La finesse, la subtilité, la nuance, quoi de plus adapté à Slaanesh ? ^^

  27. "Second additive I use a lot is PVA glue. I really like to create my own GW washes by misxing a drop or two if inks with a drop of PVA and 8-10 drops of water. A wash if this mixture rapidly gives a lot of depth to any surface and it can make metals look fabulous."
    I use lotta PVA glue for many tasks but never heard about making wash using it!
    What does it give to the mixture? Kinda "thickness"? Like ordinary paint?

    Also got another question:
    how can i add pictures from my galleries appearing on the blog? Just like you did on top right?


    1. With the ratio I gave, you get a milky kindof thickness, the good thing is you can literaly drown the model since you can later correct any mistake with a brush loaded with simple water. I think I'll do a little tutorial about this technique.

      regarding the gallery, there is a gadget which is called "slideshow" which picks photos form one of your picasa albums (like I do) or Flickr or photobucket albums.

      Hope it helps.

  28. Cheers.
    And btw - dishwashing stuff / liquid soap additive works fine as flow improver :)

    1. Thanks, I've been willing to try this to make glazes for a time now.

  29. Blood Bowl Dwarf: Bananas, juggling :)

    1. Gyaaaah Captain! you want the death of me?

      This could be a tricky one... but challenge accepted (if you get rolled that is). A blood bowl dwarf would be the last model I'd expect to juggle but why not after all.

      Thanks a lot.


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