Sunday, 16 February 2014

You know you're doing right when...

... you start sculpting sphincters.

Yep, Sphincter it is. Some of you will start to think there's something of an obsession with me and this but the thing is I have thought a lot about them lately.
The first reason being the excellent Steve Casey from the no less excellent Eldritch Epistles has talked about his visits to Bryan Ansell and his marvelous collection of unreleased citadel miniatures. If you have read some of these posts (and you should have if old lead is your thing) you will undoubtedly have thought about the countless moulds awaiting at the foundry amongst which some may contain "The Sphincter Beast".

Well this particular reference has got to be as mythical as the ass cannon and other wonders. No pictures of it are available and we only have the description of those who have seen it to tell it exists.
I've decided to take a dive and see how I would design such a concept.

Of course sculpting a sphincter beast from scratch as got to begin with sculpting a sphincter. Given the chaotic essence of the concept, I opted for a rather aggressive approach for my sphincter :

As you can see, there's not much here but I will add new layers of sphincters and teeth to the concept until I'm happy with it and then I'll start working on the "beast" part of the concept.

As far as gaming is concerned, I'm proud to say that Seu Antheus my level 5 paladin has nearly cleared his first dungeon with some members of the oldhammer forum. 
It started like a joke no the forum but now there are 5 of us dwelling in the depths of a goblin filled cave, risking our life to retrieve a holy relic.
You can have a look at it HERE (prepare yourself for some very good laughs) and I have to say that this gaming has been a very refreshing and delightful experience so far. I plan on updating the model to celebrate the next level of my paladin after 9 years of solitude in the back of a drawer...

Finally, her's just a little easter egg I gound while browsing through old citadel samurais :

If you don't see it, then have a closer look at the hat with "feathers".


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah I know, I get the mixed feelings here... you have to see the big picture, I'm pretty sure the thing will turn out to be a great model...eventually...I hope...maybe.

      I should proabbly get back to my sensei band now.

  2. Mr. ALMan, I am squirming and finding it very uncomfortable sitting down typing this at the moment. I'm not sure why, but I'm also oddly and suddenly understanding the whole "assless" thing...nice sculpting!

    1. HUm, I probably should explain where the "assless" thing comes from...

      Short story : in France there's a slang expresison to say you have luck which "to have ass". there was a time in my youth when I was quite unlucky and every situation always ended the worse way for me. My friends deicded to nickname me "Asslessman" because I was the guy with no luck. The nickname stayed so I kinda forgot that it can be a bit vulgar or ridiculous to english speaking people.

      Now you know the sordid truth, maybe some other time I'll tell you why "to have ass" means "to have luck" in French ;)

      Thanks Private !

  3. The sphincter beast looks great! The teeth are beautifully scuplted /Hans

    1. At least there are people realising it's a modelling project like another ! The sculpting is going well, I'm learning a lot actually so I hope the experience will be used for more ambitious projects ;)

      Thanks a lot


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