Sunday, 2 February 2014

Master of the obvious...

Life is wonderful, you know it is. After last post (thanks to easy lead), my old DnD paladin Seu Antheus has got the chance to serve again the lady of the lake to fight evil and save widows and orphans.
This has been made possible by Captain Crooks over the oldhammer forum who just launched a remote game using a specific thread and I have to say it is a really refreshing experience to have the opportunity to play again after so much time...
Ok, dungeon and dragons is fun , no real surprise here, but I don't get much occasions to play (none in fact) so even if I miss meeting players in real, I'm really enjoying this one a lot. Anyone who want to see what all of this is about can have a look here.
I went into my little bazaar and found a model I had loved and forgotten. The paintjob was pretty close to my best at the time so I was quite happy with him. It is a resin model made by Ilyad, a french company which did some very good models back in the day. It comes from a french comic "Les Chroniques de la Lune noire" (Black moon chronicles), a monument of french dark fantasy comics.

Now playing this model feels kinda awkward considering the rest of my collection so I might get him a replacement in the form of the Paladin of the citadel adventurer starter set, I believe you will all agree there is no better model to play such a character...

Painting wise, I'm actually doing a lot but on multiple fronts like always, things are getting close to the end for Kaleb but I'm still struggling with the black and white markings (should be finished this week hopefully).

I also rediscovered the wheel. Yep you're reading right, after rediscovering black lining I actually rediscovered blocking all base colours at the start of a paint job. It's something I've never ever done in my 23 years log painting life and I tried it on my "in progress" sensei gang.

I wanted my sensei leader to be the model or "benchmark" for all the other members. This means I applied all the colours I wanted for him (There will be a complete post about this one) and then added them to all members until I was left with "empty" spots which will receive other colours to differenciate them a bit. This ties the band visually and will speed the painting process.
OK so blocking base colours helps, no real surprise here either...

Here they are in their glorious unfinishedness.

Just look at how proud he looks with his friends around !

The "How to old hammer" band is advancing step by step too, I managed to get an hour this afternoon to sculpt the shields like intended on the chaos warriors. Nothing really fancy here, they're just plastic battlemasters chaos warriors after all but I believe this little cosmetic effort will help to give them some individuality.

Now here's a question for all of you. I've recently bought a marauder giant for a ridiculous price and I have come to looooove the model. 
One thing is bothering me though. The neck. just look at the picture below. Doesn't our good ol' marauder giant look like he could wear a terminator suit? His neck seems to be broken and his spine his totally not in line with his skull (or maybe it's the other way round but anyway...).

If I'm placing his head like his neck is the continuity of his spine, he looks far more taller and even a bit noble. I'm pretty sure that his head was lowered afterwards to make him look a bit more rough and blunt and that his very special mullet cut is just the only way Ally Morrison found to hide the weird neck angle.

I may be wrong but this would make sense. I have to say it is not a problem at all for me sonce I want my models to look cool before realistic.

Just look at the comparison with the head high
Yes I'm a noble giant !
with his head low (like intended)
Well, I'm still considering building him with the head high just to be a bit more realistic and because I would love to make hime a bretonnian giant. Or maybe I'll just stay lazy and build hims as is...

Who knows?


  1. If he is going to be a bretonnian giant then he needs a great helm! And instead of a crest how about a real life person in a little crowsnest, maybe and archer or a wizard!

    1. Huuuum, you're making an excellent point once more Colin... I'm lazy as hell so I was considering doing nothing but chnaging the paintjob from the classic one but here is a great idea ! I'll see what I can come up with...
      I may even be tempted to make 2 alternative heads keeping the original one for great occasions... Let me do some thinking but I like the idea a lot...

  2. Hum, the idea is great! The head-high conversion really gives the mini a different attitude, the giant looks more daring, more defiant, I like that!
    As well as I love the rest of the work you are showing up there!

    1. 2 heads fo rthe giant, this seems the solution ! I'm not talented as you are when it comes to sculpting but this will be the occasion to learn a bit.

      Thanks Suber !

  3. I love the eye-shields, assless. Those are kwality.

    1. Well not really top-notch kwality if you look closely but with some paint on, they'll do their thing nicely. I didn't spend much time smoothing and pulling putty but it's far enough for a tabletop result.

      Thanks Matt !

  4. Impressed by the shields Mr A! Hard choice with the giant, I'm always reluctant to convert OOP models. (Unless I have two!)

    1. So am I, it's why the alternative heads might be an option, I don't really know how to do this (maybe magnets are the key) but there's something I want to try on this one. Don't hold your breath on thi sone, it's going to be a long haul I guess.)

      Thanks Paul.

  5. Replies
    1. Yes, but this means I'll have to fill the whole body in order to have someting to attach the magnets to and this will mean th emodel will weigh even more it actually does (not that it is a problem of course :D )

      But yes I love magnets and I'm not done with them. This will give me the opportunity to finish th emodel with the original head, leaving me the opportunity to add the alternative WP suggetsed in an other time.

      Thanks for the strong suggestion ;)


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