Thursday, 7 March 2013

Life is magic ! - Battle Chaos part 8

Because this blog is mainly about painting the old stuff that got me into this hobby (can it still be called a hobby with the time and money spent...), I'll be presenting some magical support from what I got my hands on.

Since collecting is something serious, you don't want to go buying doubles considering the price some minis can reach.

For my "realm of chaos sorceror hunt" here is my progress (I'm more than far from completing this one...)

Amongst these are some I won't even bother to chase like Slargash or Barakast which I consider not worth the price sonce I don't fancy the mini much and the price can be outrageous.

And what can better suit a chaos sorceror than a chaos familiar? 

These ar emore tricky because all of them are appealing and all of them seem like an absolute joy to paint. I don't like familiar for their power as I like them for the pleasure to paint. They are like holidays in a world of knights and barbarians. You can reaaly let yourself go on them and escape a string army theme since they are purely chaotic and so small.

My first couple from this series will be these lads fo which I tried less saturated paint to avoid a flashy vibe. I decided to assign each of my sorceror the familiar which suited best to my opinion and I believe this couple is a perfect match :


  1. Merci d'avoir pris le temps d'écrire sur mon blog, j'ai vu sur ton autre site que tu étais aussi français, je me suis donc permis de te répondre dans cette même langue.

    On dirait qu'on est tous les deux en train de faire une chasse au sorcier (d'époque!)

    J'avoue que la chaine sur le plague cart est pas top ta version est vraiment mieux, il faudra que je me motive pour la retravailler.

    J'ai un battering ram à peindre aussi ça va être un gros chantier, je pense que je vais le jouer en canon apocalypse.

    ( j'essaie de monter une armée jouable avec les versions actuelles du jeu, je ne suis pas "hardcore" au point de vouloir jouer aux précédentes éditions)

    Tu joues aussi ?

  2. AH ben merci !

    La chasse aux sorciers est en effet un super sport (qui devient de plus en plus compliqué et coûteux) !

    Oh sérieux le battering ram c'est une pièce superbe ! Ca fait plaisir qu'une belle pièce comem çà tombe en d'aussi bonnes mains.

    Pour les armées, je suis un peu paradoxal dans le sens ou je monte des armées que je veux jouable mais par contre je fais que des armées "molles" parceque le look prime sur l'efficacité vu que je ne joue pratiquement jamais...

  3. The chaos familiars are still some of the best models GW has ever made. There really is nothing else like them in the history of miniatures, to my knowledge. I would love to have seen sketches of these little beasties, and I wonder if some sculpts never made it to final production...

    1. They sure are... You realy feel the freedom behind the design of each of them. I guess tat all comes from the very essence of chos and the liberty sculptors had back then... They're definitely characterful and I give one to each magic user I have...

  4. GW still sell a whole bunch of the familiars, in metal no less:

    Though I'm not sure if the purist approach will rebel at buying models GW are still producing...

    1. Thanks for the link, it's a pity they don't support more of these eternal classics like a few years back when you could order any reference of the old days (though they were poorly cast in that shitty white metal)
      Good models are good models, no matter how old, no matter if they are newly produced by GW...^^ (they're just good if you like them)


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