Monday, 11 March 2013

Death from above - Manticore conversion - Battle Chaos part9

Okey dokey, so now we've had a little view of the general aspect of the army, it's time to make things grow a little bit. Can a decent army only be lead by a guy on foot with regular gear? Naaaah

This mini is a bit special in the fact that it was designed for the army book two editions before the current one. At the time, there was no manticore in the book and the only flyingmount available was the chaos dragon entry. I decided to start with a daemonic steed. One month after that the next army book was realeased and with it, the possibility to mount your Lord on a Manticore. I examined the converted mini and found a pair of wings would fit properly near the elbows. The steed in itself being designed as a mutation, the strange overall feeling wouldn't be a problem.

I started with archaon as a base with the addition of Carnifex legs to make it look more muscular and with the arms of a plastic chaos spawn. I used one of my favourite heads frome the spawn sprue, the one with a human head and what appears to be a cylinder in its mouth. With a little gren stuff here and there and a quick weapon swap, I had my brand new Chaos lord on Manticore :

Chaos lord on manticore

The idea is that the lord here is still Lothar (cf. to my first posts) a few years later, when he has gained power. His mount is meant to be an imperial wizard he has captured and mutated by shutting its mouth with a magical device (the cylinder in its mouth) thus making him incpapable of letting all his magic out in order to accelarate his mutation.

For those who fancy such music, I would add "Mutation of the cadaver" from Cannibal Corpse was a very strong inspiration for this mini (as well as for many of the Chaos and Undead armies) and especially Jack Owen's solo at 2'35...

What sort of songs would be your inspiration ?


  1. All I can hear when i see this monster is the howl of death metal grinding my eardrums to powder and then snorting the powder. And howling some more \m/

    1. When these 2 are head banging, you better get out of the way, especially when they do that while flying as it usually ends in walls...


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