Friday, 15 March 2013

Darumog Lizard Priest - Battle Chaos part 10

Following is friend Dark Torgt Hellgrin seen in a previous post, we now have Darumog Lizard priest acompanied by his familiar "Imp 3"

Darumog Lizard priest with famliliar
I painted him to give him an armour made of bone and steel with dirty clothing. The imp in itself is painted in a dark red to fit the iconic satanic look though the photo doesn't show all the contrasts of the skin.
I have to say the imp misses a horn (his right horn) and I still don't knox if it's a casting flaw or if the mini itself is sculpted this way (can't really see on the red catalogue). If anyone knows, feel free to leave the answer below


  1. This guy is the spiritual brother of my necromancer Baron Skulldor. They could even be actual brothers. They could team up like the Gallagher's, make some beautiful carnage together before splitting up due to inconsolable differences. But man they were good for a while.

    1. You won't get me bad mouthing but I've heard it was just some sordid argument about that liche girl...


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