Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Heads or tails ?

Short one today, I had a 3 days eek end (thanks to May and its festival of bank holidays in France). Looking at the painting range; I realised I just couldn't see the table anymore (not that it mattered but it did indicate a certain level of mess).

47 finished models were waiting on the desk. Waiting for what ? well, just waiting to get some varnish to go into the sweet protection of my storage facilities. They were just gathering dust instead, taking some valuable place on the painting table.
With a clear afternoon befor eme, I decided to man up and get on with it. After taking the dust off with a big brush I varnished the whole group (had to make a pause to watch Game of Thrones in the middle).
But then ? Oh yes, I had to store them...
So I took one of my foam trays and started carving square holes in it...

Looks like a prison for models, all those foam cells...

What's my whole point with this ? Well, I find the hobby is often divided in parts we all like in different ways. Some favour gaming over all the rest, some like painting exclusively while others prefer collecting or other aspects. In all those aspects we can find the thrill of achievement, be it when some win games, when some put th efinal touch of varnish on the model and the last tuft of static grass on the base, some like to complete a whole range of models or whatever floats their boat.  And amongst all those aspects, there are still some chores. 
I find keeping the hobby a pleasure is all about knowing what aspect pleases you the most and how to make the unavoidable chores bearable. I'm often surprised to read people talking about the work they have to do and how demanding it is for them. I've felt like that for a time but now i'm happy to have found a way I truly enjoy my hobby and which makes it very rewarding for me. Though I still have to cope with some chores (varnishing and storage in my case) I do get a feeling of achievement even with these tasks. I'm always saddened (and surprised) to read about the "hobby burn-outs"

Anyway, I've completed my chore, I have tidied a bit and I've then enjoyed painting on a fresher desk.
Rest assured, There's a post coming with plenty of cool painted models in very little time, just had to share this with you folks ;)


  1. Well, you're not helping me. My desk also needs and urgent cleaning... Nice to see those models properly buried in their foam grave, waiting for the gaming bell to raise them once again :)
    Nice collection, I'm curious to see which storage solution will fit your Titan of Law though ^^

    1. Sometimes we have to do what needs to be done...
      The tian should fit in a bottom tray I think, the next Lawful model to come will be far much tricker to get into a suitcase though...

      Cheers mec !

  2. My models will not suffer the oppression of varnish, I simply paint them twice so if they chip, it's colour underneath, see?? As for storage who needs fancy foam trays I just put them in a pile in the corner and tell my 2yrs old they are spiders.

    1. Once again, the voice of wisdom, I live in the past so i'm always worried about the future, but you who live sin the future know it's useless to worry.

    2. I've already seen everything, don't waste time on varnish, they won't have time to chip...

  3. The internet just ate my long reply!!! Fuck you Google!!!

    1. (shakes an angry fist at the sky)

    2. Ok, I've calmed down a little now :)

      What I wanted to say (if I can remember correctly) was that I bought a few of those cardboard carry cases with foam inserts from K&R a while ago, but they ended up being a bit useless. There's always a couple of minis that just won't fit and/or I need just one or two spaces to carry all the minis I need, but I run out of slots :(

      I also thought they'd be a great solution for carrying my minis on the plane with me, but their quite heavy & not very space efficient either. It actually worked out better for me (weight & space wise) if I individually wrapped the minis in foam and put them in a homemade box. True, it was a bugger to unpack & re-pack though :)

      I ended up using them quite infrequently, just to do as you've done...for storage, and to transport minis to the odd trip to a friends house. I'm not sure what the best solution is, as of yet.

      Anyway, at least you've got your painting desk cleared. Everytime I clear mine it inevitably gets filled up with new projects. Maybe I should try finishing some of them first? :DDD

      Anyway, ramble over. Not sure if it was worth retyping or not :)

      I look forward to seeing your next installment of mini porn JB

      Cheers bud :)

    3. The cases and foam have proven to be an excelent solution for both transport and and storage until my last trip to Ireland. i just couldn't take a all case with me in the plane I had nothing to take the models. I'll have to think about something modular and cheap enough to allow safe flights.
      As for the trays, I either cut the shapes to fit the models or make standard trays like above. For finished collections and ranges, it's probably best to have them fit to the model but having a few trays with regular rectangles to accomodate other models is also fine.
      And I totally agree with you, nature doesn't like void and it's immediately filled with new unfinished projects. But isn't that a nice thing actually? ;)

      Cheers mate

  4. Wise words JB, wise words... :-)

  5. Is that a dedicated minis storage case or a camera case re-purposed?

    Very nicely done though. I'm lucky enough to have a cabinet in my living room for storage right now, but it's fast becoming full and I need something else. If I played more often, foam storage would work, but I hate to just lock my carefully painted figs away so no-one can see them...

    1. It's a repurposed toolbox like the ones you can see here :

      I'd like to have a cabinet really but I'd be afraid of the colour loss with the sunlight and I simply don't have the room and won't before long. It's actually quite pleasant to open those cases and rediscover some of the things you own and have painted !


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