Thursday, 14 May 2015

"The times they are a-changin' " or terminators, finecast and Emporium for a change

Always looking to populate my Rogue trader setting with intriguing new inhabitants, I recently fell upon a cheap model on a french trading site...

Yup, that's what it it, a Dark Eldar S-Slyth... in finecast.
Some of the early followers here my remember I have a particular fondness for Snakemen... and my southern brother Captain Crooks recently did a very excellent post to unveil the origins of these creatures (follow his blog, really).

SOOOoooo, having a blister is one thing but having a built model is another. With everything I had heard about the finecast, I was a little nervous about the time I might have to spend on filling voids and all...

Inspection of the first side revealed no major bubble or any casting issue... so far so good...

Inspection of the other side neither... hum hum, maybe it's just a fluke ! Time to get the parts off of their sprues then to have a better look :

OH I KNEW IT ! GW are totally incompetent bloodsucking anarcho-capitalist pigs ! there's a little bubble with a slight mouldline !
I think you've already understood that the model is in great shape apart from this little detail and all in all I'm really happy with the model though I have to say it's been a long time I hadn't worked on resin models and I had forgotten how fragile and unforgiving they are !

I replaced the 40mm base given with it by a 30mm base like I'll be giving to my "slightly larger than human" model from now on. I think it suits the model better :

So with that done, I recently had the pleasure to finally get my hands on a proper version of this guy :

Yes that's right, the MK1 terminator designed by Jes Goodwin in his most excellently gothic manner !

I already had that model from an earlier trade but when I had opened the package, I had the quite disheartening surprise to discover very strange marks all over the model...

My immediate fear was leadrot but with the contribution of the most knowledgeable members of the Odhammer Facebook community, I was able to figure this was only due to a too long exposure of the model in its paint stripper...

fewwwww, At least that meant I wasn't going to catch cancer (yet) or anything and that the models that had been in contact were not all doomed...
The seller was admirably comprehensive with the issue (in all honesty, he hadn't paid attention to those marks) and a deal was even found to please everyone, the model going to Evo Von Himmel from Port Imperiale to join his Horus Heresy death guard (how fitting).

I'll let you savour the irony of getting a nearly spotless finecast model and a damaged vintage one...
But the most important thing is that I've found the new version I wanted :

You seen the size of my shoulder pads ? Well, wait until you see the size of ...
I hope I'll soon have a proper scheme to apply to this guy and although I love the picture below, I'd rather make him go back to the roots of the terminator armour, i.e. a suit meant to protect from hostile environment rather than a combat oriented suit like it is now...

Finally, I'd like to introduce those who do not know and enjoy it yet to the "emporium of rogue dreams" facebook group.
This new oldschool oriented group focuses on a large area around Rogue trader, 2000 AD sci-fi and other Métal Hurlant goodness. The principal motivation of this group is for every member to leave attitude at the door, but bring all good vibes and creativity along with a load of pictures of painted models. It's been a tremendous pleasure so far with people being excellent to each other and the photo gallery growing beyond expectancies. A really lovely place. Best part being the coming of a  special model for members (which will come with excellent alternative heads) :

The galactic bastard of the emporium
If you're not allergic to Facebook and feel like finding a place where creation, models, exploration of the sci-fi universe we love are placed above all and with a very strong emphasis placed on being good to each other just join the emporium !

With alternative heads... yummy yummy !


  1. You know something, I'm constantly surprised by your blog posts JB. Coz every couple of week's I'll look at it & there'll be minis, idea's or something else that I've been thinking about or mini's I've recently bought on it!

    Like that snakeman for instance, I was contemplating getting him a few weeks ago! Then the prototype terminator, I bought him a few months back & his now sitting on my painting desk! I'm not trying to steal your thunder JB, honestly! It's just so uncanny, so surreal. I can't believe how similar our mini interest patterns's bloody freaky :D

    That Facebook page looks great, but alas, as you mentioned, I'm one of those people who's allergic to FB :)

    Love your work.

    1. I can totally get the Facebook allergy (was very reluctant myself and as a matter of fact only use it for miniature related business, never ever for any real life stuff...)

      It is a intriguing thing indeed to know that people continents apart bear such similarities but at the same time it is quite great as it means we can bound beyond many obstacles ! I suppose a god bunch of us want to epxlore the opportunities offered so it's only natural ours paths cross at times.

      I'd really like to se your take on the mk1 terminator, after your Hellsreach waler and your robots and dreads, I'm pretty sure this one could be a wonder. As for the Snakeman, I don't really know how to approach it myself but I'll sure be looking at how you do it too, so get working !

  2. I have to say that your posts (and Colin's, as well as others) really keep my enthusiasm for the hobby going - even when real life precludes me from doing any painting/gaming.

    At the risk of hypocrisy, "get some paint on those bad boys!".

    1. Cheers Chris, I have to say real life's throwing bricks at me at the moment and the hobby is probably one of the only places left where I can get a little acomplishment after the kids. Nothing like adding that final static grass tuft or painting the rim of the base to feel you've made a step.
      Painting is on the menu, don't worry ;)

  3. Allergic to facebook, so not for me... but keep us posted on shiny miniatures to buy!

    And the finecast snakeman seems like a lucky find... I heard too many horror stories about finecast to the extent that I have stayed away entirely. (not terribly keen on resins generally anyway)

    1. Well the model will be a "members only" occasion so... ^^'

      I honestly can't judge finecast models from my experience of one model but The only one I ever got was good so I could say it's 100% positive ! I'm still not a great fan of resin though and metal stays my favourite choice so far. I know Resin offers the greatest detail capacity but I don't need that much detail on a model really.

  4. Nice stuff you (finally) manage to get over there! Looking forward to see them in some fancy paint! Didn't know about the FB group, oh man, you'll finally make me overcome my tchno-allergies! :D

    1. Well, this is all raw material, we have to turn into gold now !

  5. I also got the Sslyth in Finecast, but converted him with some Dark Elf plastic bits into a Fantasy Snakeman instead :) I also very much like Snakemen (which is a weird sentence to write) and it's part of the reason I was so looking forward to the Antiquis Malleum Snakemen! Looking forward to your paintwork on it - any specific plans yet?

    1. No plan yet I'm afraid, I do know that i'll want to avoid the bright green skin as it doesn't feel really natural, might be tempted to go with an orange/sand colour...

  6. That reminds me, I must get on and finish painting him! He's been undercoated and sat in the queue for a while now! Glad you found one more suited to your use, I couldn't have created the damage on this one better if I'd tried!

    1. Well it was a surprising damage on that poor fellow, After you mentionned using him as a Nurgle terminator I realised I could have make him join my chaos renegades as well but sometimes we can't help but being a little anal ^^'.
      I've been considering many colour schemes and just need to settle on one (that should be quick for you).


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