Sunday, 26 January 2014

Terminator Inquisitor - Forces of the imperium

Ok so finally the good guys came out first !

I am happy to FINALLY finish this one. I actually bought 2 models like him back in the days because I did (and still do) think he was the coolest inquisitor ever.
What's not to like in a Jes Goodwin terminator with hoodie and demon faces all over the armour?

I chose to paint his armour with a very rusty and worn-out look to represent the armour has been passed from an inquisitor to another. I painted the weapons and decroations in bright colours to contrast and to show each time the previous owner dies, the new one equips the armour with his own gadgets and weaponry.
For the record, as can be seen on the pad, he is the 3rd carrier of the armor (hence the very worn)out look of the metal parts.

I'm sorry the pictures are still far too yellow but I can't get to correct them as I want and I'm still stuck with my warm yellow lightbulbs...

Though this model is a mix of an old Rogue trader reference and some mid 2000's grey knights, I think the mix (can't really talk about conversion here) works really fine.

Here's a little shot from above to show the sculpted pentagram in the ground. I imagine he carved it in the soil with his nemesis weapon or with his sole willpower. Just pick the most badass explanation you can think of.
The poor light does'nt show but the inner part of the pentagram is really clear blue and seems to glow...

 I tries to draw some fancy markings on the cloth but my freehand skill is to be improved...

A few months back this model was still sitting in the lead pile unpainted because it was meant or a friend who gave up miniaturesa few years back so it has been lying around in this state for a long time : 

You can note the mithril silver base colour chosen to fit the "official" GW colour scheme... I hopefully decided to cut it and make it a little more interesting...

Now I hope I take the time to finish the seocnd model I own (first model I bought of the 2) which unfortunately lost an arm to a hazardous conversion in the mid 90's... I decided to give him a plastic twin bolter arm because I wanted the big space on the shoulder pad to try some freehand (You can see I need some training so any occasion will do).

I hopefully took the yime to prep, prime and base my first confrontation gang which is the sensei gang. I have a lot of ideas for this one so I'll try to work soon on them.

Oh and I'm almost done on Kaleb but a few things are holding me back. There's a big place on the horse buttocks whith far too much space to be left black. I have to do something about it and I still have to add some checkers and black/white patterns to remind Malal's device. I think I'm going to get some inspiration with Don Hans' Blog in little time... ;)
Oh and don't ask me why but Kaleb will be wearing red tartan. Just like for my ogre mercenary I don't know why the idea came to me but I couldn't resist painting him fancy trousers (I really must have read too much Slaine...). I hope those of you familiar with tartan and kilts will excuse me if I'm doing it wrong, there's no harm meant here, just my laziness to go upstairs and check on the web if I'm doing it right...


  1. Wow, I don't know where to start from... The Inquisitor is simply astonishing! Amazing how the pieces fit each other and I love all the tiny details you added; the hood, the base... everything!

    I can't wait to see his 'twin' and what you can achieve there!

    1. Thanks, it's true the pieces fit nicely together, I've had some sggestions about possible ither pieces for the seocnd model (dark angel pieces...)
      For the second one, I still don't know if I want to make an older owner or a more recent one of the same suit or If I just want to do something completely different...
      Time will tell.
      Thanks a lot Suber.

  2. Fantastic work on the Inquisitor - you've really brought a classic colour scheme to life with the additions of the blue. Lovely job!

    1. Red White and Blue, who would have thought of that? ;)

      Thanks !

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  4. That inquisitor is utterly beautiful. Well done.

    1. Well, I can thanks Mr Goodwin and whoever sculpted the arms for providing a superb sculpt in the first place.

      Thanks a lot

  5. Looks great JB. I thought the freehand work was pretty good - you are your own worst critic etc. The extra effort on the base has paid off nicely, love that horned skull!

    1. Thanks, the base was made a few years back for the release of the grey knight codex so I worked with what I knew then which was milliput. if I was to di the base again, I would defintely not do it this way but it's one more painted mini in th ebox and the result is OK so I can move on to new things and still be happy with how it turned out.

      Now I see the freehand could ahve been cleaned up a bit but the camera sees things my eyes don't...

  6. Nice! That's a great Ordo Maleus you created. The new arms works better than the original. You got the right atmosphere and that is something I really like. Looking forward to see the black & white freehand :)
    Happy to share some of my "lessons learned" if you interested.

    1. Thanks Hans I like the atmosphere too, I think it all ties in nicely. After varnishing him I just realised that the model is completely "wrong" because the shoulders are way above where the neck should be (put it another way, the head is far too low) but Jes' talent makes it look natural !

      About the black and white patterns, I was considering PMing you so I'm glad you offer ;)
      The execution is one thing but the design is another with which I'm going to be strugling...

  7. Wow! That Demon Hunter Inquisitor model is one of my favourites and I love your version, and the pathos behind the paint job! The detail around the hood really looks the part. Obvioulsy I'm familiar with your recent work so not only really interesting to see how your painting has developed, but also really inspirational to see what you can do if you risk a bit of freehand, or (my personal nightmare to try and paint!) tartan pattern. I'm going to have to be brave and give it a try some time!

    1. Very funny to look back at him and realise how differently I'd do things now ! Photos would be a tad better too !
      You don't risk much more than losing a bit of time by trying, and you usually gain experience so mistakes are rarely total losses !


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