Monday, 1 July 2013

Work in progress and things to come - Fantasy adventurers part 1

There have been much things lately but nothing incredible since nothing is finished yet. I'm starting to get distracted by all the things I see and want to do.

First of all, the rogue trader renegade army is advancing at the pace of a sick koala but it's advancing nonetheless, next step is a personnal dip recipe of black, matt medium and a bit of water to darken everything down. Then will come the fun part of details and metals which will give life to the minis :

Then, I still have some guys who get attention when I have some green stuff left :
This one still needs to have some mould lines removed when I look at the picture.

And then comes Kaleb Daark, the doomed one, you can see him in his most doomed version :

And here in a more glorious pose

While romaing through the leadpile, I came across someone I had forgotten. This is actually my second version of the mini and I know the first is somewhere to be found in that mess of mine.
I find the new arms fit quite well on this antic daemon hunter :

And on top of everything comes a will to get back to my first rpg love.
I got my hands on these for a very reasonable price. I never owned these before, always playing with other's versions. At the time I could only spend my hard earned money on anything chaos. But now I want to give these the treatment I should have back then. (if you ever know where the painted mule comes from, I'd be glad to know since it was kindly offered by the seller). The monster set is missing the chaos warrior and the ogre like it could be expected but I guess in time I shall find these lost on ebay.

And these :

 The Moorcock's eternal champions are my "madeleines de Proust" or the ones I've always been looking for without realising that everything That they had been in front of me this all time.

And then I've got :
- a Battle choas army which will never be truly finished
- a chaos 40k army to finish
- a complete undead army to finish
- a confrontation campaign to build
- roleplay to play and adventurers to paint
- a Roleplay videogame to finish (I'll have to whip the developers and graphists)

Dare tell me that time is not the most precious thing that is...

PS : The contest for the best Khorne champion is still running till the end of the WEEK, go vote for the best for at this rate there won't be a 3rd round! Send links to help !



  1. Awesome, particularly Master-Blaster!

  2. That is a lot of projects. Like the upgrade of the classic Ordo Maleus. The eternal champions are great. I am a big fan of Moorcock so these are always nice to see. /Hans

  3. Some very interesting projects to look forward to seeing, especially the Undead and the Eternal Champion set.

    I love your new take on Kaleb Daark too. :)

  4. Thanks mates!

    @Paul : Sorry I don't get it, who's Master-Blaster? ^^'

    @ Hans, The inquisitor should come up quickly, his other version should have a much more retro feeling.

    @Lee : I'm afraid the undead is mostly new stuff with a few exceptions like some undead samourai or headless ghosts... pics to come...

    I'll try to alternate between fantasy and Rogue trader and between army units and single adventurers just to keep me fueled up.

    Next step once the things shown here are painted is some different project coming from the n°137 White Dwarf. I also got my hands on the final part of the confrontation rules so things are going to get busy in that area too...

  5. Cool, I like the new Undead too, I have a current edition Tomb KIngs Army I keep meaning to post on my blog. I look forward to seeing your Undead, and the other works in progress. :)

    White Dwarf #137 LOL , that's funny, I have been picking up odds and ends of Skaven for my 3rd edition army from e-bay, and have been using the Skaven article in that issue as a guide. Skaven was the only army I never collected at the time.

    1. Andy Chamber's army in this WD has become legendary ! This WD is excellent with the plans for the houses (I've just printed them huhuhu) and the confrontation rules. At the time a WD displayed story, game material and real useful tips...

  6. Scary stuff, Mr.Asslessman! But wonderfully scary stuff. The Doomed One at his most doomed I think is going to give me nightmares tonight! Please don't paint him up! But your enviable collection of Eternal Champions - I can't wait to see those all done. And yes! Some Confrontation will be Ace! As for Time, just borrow Goblin Lee's Time Machine/Portal.


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