Thursday, 25 July 2013

Why do now what you can do later? - 40k chaos part 6

My participation in this month's painting challenge on the oldhammer forum becomes more and more messy.
I started with all the best intentions and had planned to paint :

- 1 Chaos terminator lord
- 10 traitor marines
- 5 traitor squats in power armour
- 1 Chaos Dreadnought

This was going well when I decided I would have time to add this guy :

Nothing hard here, the same colour scheme, should do it, yeah but some little creapy voice inside my head told me : "why not paint him Blanchitsu style?, you've never done it before! come on!" So there I was starting to paint the cloak red and starting with chessboard on the edges... (I had to do it on one mini at least)

And then I got my hands on the last parts of the confrontation rules I'd been missing for soooooo long. I HAD to make some gangs to play the thing. But why only play skirmish when one can link them with roleplay. There I was starting to write a campaign for 6 bands roaming through the wastes and underground parts of the hive, with senseis, illuminatis, scavvies, pirates and crazy arbitrators judges.
So now I had the rules and scenario frame...
OK let's spend some lurking  time on the bay and try to get my hands on some adventurers and pirates. Let's take the time to see if anyone has some to trade .
Rules - check
Scenario - check
Minis - half checked
Well next step is preparing and basing them hence so time taken from my renegades

Those who have roamed through the issues of White Dwarf containing confrontation pieces remember n°137 with plans to build houses (and great skaven article), you know, these :

Well, tell me one good reason not to try them to have nice scenery to put with my beloved models on the table or for photos. => more time stolen form the renegades...

At this point I realised it was going to be a hard and I decided to halt on the side projects.

I focused back on the renagdes, just to find myself wanting to explore the joys of OSL on the plasma cannon of the dread and decided I would add this lad  to the crew :

OK now it's over, I have got to make this end.

I have now :

- 1 Chaos terminator lord
- 10 traitor marines
- 5 traitor squats in power armour
- 1 Chaos Dreadnought
- 1 jezzail champion
- 1 flying sorceror marine
- about 20 Rogue Trader adventurers on the line
- A scenario to finish

And I'm not taking into account the fact I'm building a RPG video game with friends and I've recently felt the need to do once more all the Sorcery fighting books in a perfect way (i.e. killing all 7 snakes, yeah the 7 of them).

But if all of this in mind, I realise though I'm not finishing what I 'd want to, I am doing things and I am taking pleasure doing them. Wether I have too much enthusiasm or too little time, one thing is for sure, I can consider myself lucky to have such problems...

On a side note, I didn't want to advertise the poor article which started a recent debate but I found an extremely brilliant answer on Laughing Ferret's blog to the prejudices, bias which target us hobbyists and even more generaly, all the ones who don't fit in the mold.

Promise, I'll soon post about real stuff and painted minis (with new pictures and everything)...


  1. That Chaos Warrior with Jezzail and sword always reminded me of the unknown alien in the 'Beware!' poster on page 167 of the Rogue Trader rule book.
    Perhaps he can be the basis for a mercenary character in a Confrontation game?

    1. Thank you very much Mr Lee, you've just made me realise I'm missing the said page in my Rogue trader book... :(
      Anyway, this one is going to lead my cultits and why not show his pretty facemask during my confrontation campaign.

  2. You do keep yourself busy :)
    I have that WD issue. It's a good one and those building are great. I finished one similar from WD 143. Go for it


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