Wednesday 5 November 2014

I need a drunk - How to turn Willy Pewken Rogue trader ?

You know what? this world is far from perfect, and I'm trying to make it better any time I can. Today I 've realised we are in dire need of drunks in Rogue trader, why don't we have any? WHY?

Warhammer has got some :

Taken from Solegend
Well that's enough, by the power vested in me by Green Stuff, here's a drunk hobbo for Rogue trader :

You can recognise Willy Pewken form the picture above. His face, his pose and the way he seems about to fall added to that bottle hidden in a bag leave no doubt about his state : he's totally Boracho.

For those of you sensitive about altered old models, let me just say that the model was not damaged in any way and I only added some putty here and there, a good acetone bath could make it good as new if needed !

How to make a fantasy model look futuristic ?

- Add a punk crest, what better way than a punk crest to say "Rogue trader"?

- Add a pair of good ol' Chuck Taylor converses (YES it DOES look futuristic)

- Add a digital walkman but beware to leave one with a wire, otherwise it will look like one of those stupid bluetooth kits. No you want the real deal, the one with a cassette player and an ear plug at the end of a wire !

For now I'm looking for critics and comments, do you think it does teh job, I'm balanced about changing the head set and adding another speaker on the other ear to have a real retro 80's look...

A lot will be achieved with painting (I plan on using the sleeveless shirt to perform so silly freehand but have no idea of what so far (ideas welcome too).

EDIT  :Just to make things a litle clearer, her'sz what the model looks like BEFORE :



  1. I sometimes struggle to understand the vision of a figure when I look at bare metal and greenstuff, and the unusual pose isn't helping me this time. That said, boots, mohican and unecessary retro-tech are all key RT elements, so I reckon he's a winner!

    1. HUm OK, shots aren't great and the pose is that of someone totally drink and near falling so he's a hard one to get.I should update with better pics.

  2. I think the second speaker for his other ear is a must.

    Pink hair.

    T-shirt should be a band T-shirt, maybe even one of the oldhammer bands, Mushroom cloud wasn't it? Simple design with tour dates on the back. Not asking too much am I?

    1. I think you're right about the second speaker.

      PInk, hair, already used on another punk but fluo green should do

      Band T-shirt with dates, that's brilliant, hard as hell but brilliant. a tribute to the Mushroom Klowds, yeas, that sounds nice.

      thanks a lot for the input !

  3. Hahaha! You rock, man! Absolutely great idea, but look what you've done! Now I need drunks too! :D

    1. Weell you're ahead of me , you already have a bar which is teh quickest and surest way to create LOAADS of drunks !

      Gyaaaah, nee some scenery too...and streets with grafs and all so that they can puke all over the place!


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