Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Part of my youth : the Fallout soundtrack

Hi all, 

Today's post is only remotely related to the hobby but any of you who has already played the first 2 Fallout games will mostly have had the video gaming experience of their life.

I won't go into the history behind Fallout but it was first published in 1997 and was based on the RPG Wasteland by Steve Jackson (the american one, not the GW one...).

You do not want to try Bob's Iguana bits...

The game is a pearl and I can't count how many games my younger brother and myslef have played, using every kind of character our twisted youthfull brains could come up with...

It is probably one of the games where freedom is the most deeply rooted and the number of things you can do in those is absolutely mind-blowing.

This game just like my citadel old lead and my Megadeth and Iron maiden albums, it is part of my DNA now, it has forged what I like and what I want to recreate in my hobby.

If you've never played the game before and you're not desperately reluctant to old graphisms and low resolution, well, you might very well have the gaming experience of your life. Failing that the 2 Bethesda games which were released are more than OK even though they terribly lack the possibilities and freedom the older games have (damn that sounds like a comaprison between Rogue trader and its later editions).

The post-apocalypse setting with the 50's designs has left its mark on many of us but I think what really enabled this brilliant piece of gaming history to be so addictive were the atmospheric tunes that accompanied the game. You can hear the radiations, you can hear the past glory and the present desperation in those. Mark Morgan really came up with one of the best soundtracks a game ever had.

It is so evocative I strongly suggest you to throw an ear at it if yo uplan to paint or model anything dwelling with lost space ships, underhive level or any post-apocalypse world.

"How can I do that?" you ask?

Well for the link to download (totally legaly for free), I suggest you have a look HERE or you can directly download the files HERE.

The tunes have been remastered and remixed by the original author and made available for all, THANK YOU Mr MORGAN.

For now, I'll savour this madeleine of mine and put those on my Ipod, I think these tunes will be my painting soundtrack for quite a while, especially when working on some Rogue trader, confrontation or any futuristic projects (which is 95% of my hobby right now).

Oh and I am totally looking for Fallout models now... I think some of those you can find HERE are more than totally brilliant to quench both my Fallout AND Rogue trader thirst...

Oh and now I'm totally screwed, I want to play fallout again...


  1. A friend of mine played the 1st & 2nd fallout when they came out, but I was a bit slow on the uptake. I think I played them about five years ago now?

    Your right, their great games.

    1. When the first was released, I nearly let it down and my brother told me I was a moron. Seeing how he stuck to it I gave it another try and then I was hooked. My last game was about 5 years ago too. Now I definitely have to find the CDs and see how it works on a modern OS.

    2. They play fine on new PC's, you can slow them down simply by pressing the minis button I think? from memory.

      Just remember to keep in mind while you play it again that War, war never changes :)

    3. After the end of the 4th season of Game of Thrones, I was happy to think it would save me 1 hour a week for painting but with fallout back I'm going to lose A LOT more...
      on another hand, I can't say I've ever regretted aminute used to play this game...

  2. I played Fallout 2 and F1 many, many times and it's probably the best PC game on my short list.
    It's one of those you just cannot be bored with.
    I think I'll install it on my office PC: time to present the wasteland it's new leader!

    1. Same here, I've been looking for what I had in these games in every other game I played since ...
      Oh and I'm totally installing Fallout back on my laptop...
      War never changes, fallout only gets better each time.

  3. Yessss, this soundtrack is quality! Fallout is made of win.

    1. It is so made of win it actually resulted in a loss of painting time for me ! STill time weel spent though !


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